Saturday in Town

I am on roster this Saturday and I did my best to arrive early as I knew it would be warm today. I have to sort out papers and folders to take to Gympie and Kingaroy for next week, so I brought my travel bag with wheels and a long handle. There was a word cloud I printed off for Wellness at work, which I put on the door of my office.

It was a productive morning, as I caught up with a few people on the phone, tested the coffee machine and cleaned it out with water in the milk frother to steam clean it after it was left out a couple of weekends ago. Before I knew it, it was afternoon and time to go. I took the papers and things for Gympie and Kingaroy down to the car and set off on my trip to the city. I had a ticket to see “The Lion King” at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in the CBD. My birthday money helped me to buy a ticked right up the front.

The city was busy with lots of teenagers in costume for some kind of performance or workshop type of event. There were three people in “Where’s Wally” costumes as a group, several girls with longer cotton dresses with wide skirts, one with a wig of long white hair, a boy with a uniform and small plastic rifle and many others. A few boys were out on skateboards, there were some ladies dressed up and generally it was a lively place.

“Lion King” was a special event today because AEIOU volunteers were out in full force for the autism-friendly performance. I had no idea that this was the day until I actually arrived and saw the volunteers in their blue t-shirts with logos. The audience was mainly families with their children. They all loved the show and were completely enthralled by everything. The parade of animals was great and the “Circle of Life” song was a crowd favourite. It was special to be in the audience with all those families. I am not sure how the performance differed from other days, but the actor on stage said they had been waiting for this day for a long time.

I loved the show. My seat was right at the front by the music director and musician’s area, which I could easily see. They were delighted to be performing for this particular audience and loved every minute of it. It was a great birthday present for me. I have really only been in school musicals and have not attended this kind of performance before. I can remember seeing the Queensland Ballet, the Globetrotters Basketballers, an orchestra on stage for my Diploma of Fitness graduation, and not much else. Now I will be on the lookout for other performances.


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