Logan Central Today

This morning I had some time to spare so that I could drive to Logan Central library for training. I went across to the shops for a cup of coffee and sat there for a while before going back up. Then I took my bags from the back of the car and sat in the section where Craig said he meets his students.

It was very busy at the library and I enjoyed catching up with the students. My journey back was fine and the drive back was fairly clear. I was soon back at work for the afternoon webinar. It was not until 4:35 pm that we heard the storm warning and everyone started to pack up to avoid the 140 km and hour winds and hail that were headed for the city.

I took off my shoes and put on my hat, grabbed my little pink umbrella and stepped out into the rain that had just started. Not two blocks from work the hail started. It was the size of golf balls and was bouncing everywhere, sometimes zinging in sideways. It was better bare foot, as I would be slipping on the hail if I had my shoes on. For summer, I really need to take my thongs in a little slip cover so that I can change into them when the afternoon storms hit.

I stood by a fence with my umbrella up until the hail changed to heavier rain, and crossed the road to my car with three small hail balls following me in to the car before I could close the door. The drive home was very slow and I was home 20 minutes later than usual. There was one major accident but most drivers were very careful and I looked out for sheeting water across the road all the way. There road was pretty safe, though, thank God.


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