Tuesday and the Search is On

I was up at 4:30 am and finished the slides for Sunday. The hymn selection arrived on Monday, which is fantastic. The days when I have the most time are usually Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday. I checked them all and sent them to Therese, the Parish Office, Father John and Father Isi. That also makes the end of my week so much easier, as I don’t have to worry about when to find time to do them.

My experiment with Wild Orange and Peppermint extract yesterday went quite well, so I made another berry smoothie this morning and left a small glass of it for Mum and Dad, each. Mum said later that it was very nice but they had no idea what it was meant to be. With mine, I just added lots of milk and took it to work with a freezer block in a lunch bag. It is the ideal lunch as I can have it at my desk. The day was so beautiful that I did go out for a short while to buy Christmas card stamps and visit “PandaPearls”, a gift shop which specialises in pearls and which is on the next block from work.

The morning was marked by a police search with police dogs scouting the neighbourhood around work. Although I did not see any of it we heard about it at the office. There wasn’t much to see out the window, either. A few months ago there was some incident near the shopping centre across the road, so I would not be surprised if it didn’t happen again with different people.

I bought a vehicle log book and business expenses book to record my transactions for taxation and for the travel I will be doing in the next couple of weeks for work. I will be in Redcliffe and Logan Central this week and Gympie and Kingaroy the following week. Then I take my annual leave with a return visit for the Christmas party the following Friday.

It is great having so many different things ahead on the agenda.


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