Monday After a Cool Night

The weather seems to be settling down a bit, as the nights are cooler again and it is easier to sleep with a light blanket covering me than when I am melting in the heat. This is my last two weeks before I am on holidays and next week I will be in Gympie and Kingaroy for the first three days. This week I am off to Logan Central on Thursday morning, so it will break up my day a bit and give me a new insight into off-campus study groups in that part of the State.

I slept in until 5 am this morning which is handy when I am up early anyway. There is always a half hour either way that I can be up extra early or sleep in if I need to. I made a berry smoothie with peppermint, wild orange, some cinnamon and ginger. It was excellent, but after adding a lot more milk and leaving it in the refrigerator at work all morning, the flavour mix was not so strong. I should have used a glass container for the citrus essential oil, which tends to react with containers that are made with other materials.

Then I took a Granny Smith apple and a bottle of water. I was ready to go to work. My colleague has moved back into the room where I work and it was busy with two students in addition to both of us. I look forward to having time to research and write during the upcoming holidays. My researches on Sunday afternoon turned up some interesting work which I hope to read this week while doing a few other things related to study. As there is no choir practice this week, I will have some extra time for that kind of thing.


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