Sunday Elevations

Today I had my slides ready to go and my books gathered into a little bundle for Mass when Mum called me to look at a Christmas ornament that lights up and has a train with music. It is from a garage sale and Mum and Dad bought it for Peter’s family. It was very pretty, and made a train noise. However it needed one bulb to bring it to life as the one that was there needs replacing.

Off I went to Mass, not realising that my USB was still on my desk. It was not until I sat in the pew near the organ that I realised that I had forgotten it. However, Father John had received the slides, so all was not lost. That is, until I tried to switch on the laptop and project the slide show. It did not project at all. I asked Father Isidore to help out and it was soon set up. Father John fixed the other problem with projection and it was soon sorted out.

I had also left my water bottle behind and did not go to the kitchen for a cup of water. Instead, I tried to make it through the hymns without singing overly loudly. It worked out fine, as Len, Priscilla, Cathy, Louise, Kevin and Mark all arrived in plenty of time. Kate was there at the organ. We did our best.

Dom has been elevated to the Diaconate. It seems odd to see him with his clerical collar and ecclesiastical robe, instead of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. I suppose that just like Marty before him, he will be a Deacon and look after the Youth events in the Parish until he is ordained. Marty has been a priest for a couple of months now, so Dom is shaping up as the next Deacon for us.

In the afternoon, Mum and I went in search of the Christmas light for the little display with trains on it. We went to North Lakes and Masters but could not find it. After a cup of coffee at Michel’s we checked a lighting shop at Morayfield that the retail assistant at Masters had mentioned. I called them to ask about the bulb, which they had. Before long we were there and had our little bulb. We had some groceries to collect as well, and were soon at home with our treasured bulb.

With the new bulb in place, the Christmas display was a mass of pin point lights, chugging trains and little glowing windows tucked away in a 3-D mountain scene. It is quite a sight and if it’s not right for the children, we will find another home for it. Dad loves to find and fix things for the children at Peter’s place.

Later in the day I worked on my research.


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