Friday after the G20

Today we were able to work in the city. Last week it was a long weekend for the G20. This week, things are back to normal, if somewhat warm. I was up just after 4 am and managed to have a cup of coffee and a few spoons of oats for breakfast. It was a quiet drive in to work. I had a few minutes to find a parking space and warm up at the gym before my PT session.

After training I grabbed a breakfast sub and ran into Jimmy, a PT who was having a meatball sub as I walked in to the store. I greeted him and then thought it might be good to sit and chat for a while, so I asked if it was OK and sat there to have my breakfast. The second part of the sub is the part I take with me for lunch.

Jimmy is a bit of a guru, as I have asked him before about his training philosophy and other things. He spends time to listen and talk to people and seems to know what he is doing. I actually nominated him for an award at the gym this evening when an email arrived with a short survey and nomination form. He seems to keep an eye out for me and is clearly very experienced in working with people.

I still have to do my slides for Sunday, so that will be my first job tomorrow.


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