Wednesday Stormy Weather

The morning started out cloudy, like yesterday, but with no light showers. I dashed out the door ten minutes late and only just made it to the gym in time. Eli looked a bit tired as his eyes were a bit red. He said he has had trouble sleeping lately. I guess the prospect of Christmas holidays with fewer clients might be a worry for him. That’s why as a PT I would be charging a fair price, to cover holidays and interruptions.

I heard there is basketball on the court near Redcliffe lagoon a couple of times a week at nights. It sounds like fun so I hope to find out the day and time and maybe I will be able to go to that and see what it is like. I heard that street ball is different from regular basketball, and more of a fun thing.

This afternoon a dangerous thunderstorm swept across the city and up towards home. Everyone at the collaborative work Hive went home early, as did my student. No sooner was I home than the storm edged up to our place with rain that turned into a torrent. We had a whole year’s worth of rain in twenty minutes. The oval across the road from us has pools of water stretching all across it. Tomorrow the grass will be green and the air will be fresh, as it is tonight.

As the storm is still around, and there were two of them, Mum and Dad declared that no one is going out tonight, least of all me. The Power Point presenters meeting at our parish church will have to do without me. I was at choir practice last night and I have slides to prepare, so it is not as if I am not working away. I am sure Marjorie will provide an accurate report of the proceedings to everyone.


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