Tuesday by the New Lane

There is a little time in the morning for sorting out papers and other things, bringing in washing and tidying up in the kitchen. Although I left for work twenty minutes early it took 1 hour 20 minutes to commute. Apparently a lot of Public Servants and people working in the CBD had four days off for the G20 long weekend. They all returned on Tuesday at the time I went in to work. The traffic flow was steady past the construction of a new lane. Most of the traffic was going to the Gateway Arterial road, queuing up to merge and taking both lanes in to the city.

This now means that the new stretch of freeway built to divert traffic to the Gateway Arterial and take traffic in to the city has only one purpose and that is to feed articulated trucks, semis and other vehicles on to the Gateway, particularly when the Bruce Highway is blocked by an accident. It’s back to the old, bumpy road through the suburbs as in the days before the road was built. At least that is as far as it applies to the daily commute. Life is not just about a clear road on the way to an air conditioned office and this is increasingly the case.

We had showers in the morning and a slightly overcast start to the day, although the early Summer temperatures were back by mid-morning. The last two or three weeks of Winter and Spring seem to be like that until the week before the change of Seasons when things revert to normal just before the new season starts.

There was choir practice at Mary Queen of Peace at 7:30 pm, and I just managed to finish the washing up before heading to Holy Cross Church. I checked my emails and drove to Margate, which took just under 15 minutes. Tomorrow is the Power Point presenters meeting at HCC. Thank goodness I am starting to feel normal after 9 months in my new job. Thank goodness everyone understands how family life and life as a scholar and sports person can take over some of the plans and events that people plan.


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