Monday Back in Peak Hour

I left half an hour early today as 10,000 police officers were due to return to their stations all around the country from Brisbane today. The drive in was steady but coming home was very slow. It was a great day to be indoors, though.

We heard some news about driving around the country side for training in the next couple of weeks. For me it will probably be the week before I go on holidays. It is always fun to be off somewhere different. I just have to remember to arrange my schedule, especially personal training.

The internet has been a bit congested but things have been manageable. I still have a lot of work to do online and with paper-based filing. My weekend was mainly taken up with tidying up, washing, football and recovering from the heat. So while I feel rested and the house is looking clean, there is still a lot that I would like to have finished by now.

I look forward to being more organised day by day up to and including my holidays when I will be writing and researching in between a couple of PT sessions per week.


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