Saturday Semi-Finals

It has been a big day today, with two games at the Sunshine Coast on a busy weekend for roads to the coast. I was up early and did two loads of washing, cleaned the floors, bathroom and toilets and moved my car round to the front of the house so I could leave without disturbing Max. I also washed Max with doggie shampoo, a bucket for water and the garden hose to rinse him down. He was very happy after that and seemed to like having a wet coat when the weather was so warm.

The forecast for today is 35 Celsius up the coast and in many other places which is unseasonable warm for November. One of the reasons we used to have our finals and Sunbowl early in November was due to the unpredictable and very warm weather at this time of year. At least the field at Maroochydore Rugby League club is very well positioned with a great sea breeze to keep it more comfortable in the heat.

I left at 9:30 am and there was a lot of traffic up to the North Lakes turn off and again at the Bruce Highway turn off. Six minutes away from the field there was a car accident in the single lane that merged from two to one before an overpass and a corner. It had only just occurred and people were stopping to help and call for tow trucks. In general, things went very smoothly and I found a great parking spot in the sun under some trees.

Tony and Robbie were at the games, as was Julian, Mark, David, Peter, Garry, Jo, Luke and eventually, Tim. Robbie seemed excited about the games, but was a bit red in the face and probably does not tolerate heat well. He sat on a bench with other spectators while Tony was at umpire for two games.

I have refereed touch football down the coast on really hot days and learned what to avoid. Rice crackers with msg are certainly not a good idea. I had the heavy rye bread from “King of Cakes” with a low-fat plain cheese. There were a couple of bottles of Gatorade with just a half-teaspoon of the powdered mix in them and a bottle of water that I brought with an apple for between games. This worked well enough for two games but did not really replenish my system well enough as I was quite tired by the end of the day. It would have been difficult to referee four games in that heat.

I will not check with Eli to see about using the sauna and other strategies to ensure that I can work through a range of temperatures, especially hot weather. It’s easy to do at home with walking Max in the morning or going on the treadmill. Eli seems to think that treadmill time is very important, and I feel capable of fitting it in to a heavy writing schedule for summer.


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