Heat Wave Sunday

It was hard to ignore the temperature of 30 Celsius at 9 am this morning and 40 degrees by the middle of the day. Dad hosed down Max who found a breezy spot to lay down on the tiles outside. We had the air conditioner on in the living room. I was still feeling the heat and just chilled out for the afternoon. It was a very laid back kind of day.

I missed morning mass, but had sent the slides on ahead. Louis was the chief slide flicker for the day, and Jean and Fred were singing with Therese playing the organ. Marjorie sent a text message late on Saturday evening to ask whether I had checked the slides, but I already emailed her to thank her for the hymns and to reassure her that I would check them before sending them off to the Parish office and Father John.

All day, I felt the heat and tried to drink lots of water and eat something as well. The G20 news was on most of the day, so at least I caught some snippets of what was happening. Although it is an historic occasion for Australians, particularly here in Brisbane, there is not much that impressed my parents. They were quick to pick up the political fluff and spin and the foreign dignitaries did not impress them very much, not even Angela Merkel!

I hope I am feeling OK for driving in to work tomorrow. Today was mostly spend trying to cool down and I rested reluctantly, resigned to being drained of energy and possibly a little dehydrated from being out in the sun yesterday on the second hottest November day for decades.


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