Thursday Gym and Friday Off

It is the G20 long weekend starting tomorrow. Work will be closed, but the gym has public holiday hours. I was going to be working in Caboolture, because only Brisbane has the holiday. Merrilee cancelled Friday morning training in Caboolture as no one was going to be there. What a relief that was! I too will have a three day long weekend.

Eli rearranged my schedule again for this morning instead of Friday morning. I was up at 4 am and was only late because of trying to find a parking spot. Eli had the same problem and was late as well. Not to worry. I still worked hard.

After gym I went to “King of Cakes” opposite the gym to find a sourdough loaf for Mum. She saw the article in the weekend newspaper magazine and asked me to check out their sourdough loaves. They have a Vienna sourdough, one with caraway seeds which Mum hates and the full rye sourdough, which I bought. I also had a cup of coffee and read “The Australian” while I was waiting there. The lass at the coffee machine took a picture of me at the cake counter so I could show Mum what the shop looks like.

I have had a week of working in air conditioning that works properly. This weekend we are expecting temperatures 10 degrees Celsius higher than normal. It will be crazy because I am refereeing games at 12 noon and 2pm. Usually I have 4 pm and 7 pm games. I will be drinking a lot of water on Friday, that is certain.




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