Training Delivery Schedule

This evening I was asked to present a training delivery schedule for Flag Football Officials in Australia at the Australian Gridiron Officials Association (AGOA) committee meeting. I had set up a social media page and a group on LinkedIn and tested an advertisement for one day to see the type of statistics that would be generated. It all worked out in the end, and I have some ideas going forward for what to do next.

I remembered to use a headset with microphone for the meeting, which made communications a lot easier. Now I have a training plan to produce and some social networks to tweak. The sessions I have attended recently with TwoCents marketing group will be really helpful for this.

During the meeting, I remembered that there was an invitation to referee in New South Wales early in December. Airfares and accommodation would be provided for officials so I expect the slight issue of finding transport around the Sydney CBD and to fields in outlying suburbs on a Saturday would be left to the intrepid visiting officials. I sent a short response to say I would like to be considered and will check the venue and timing when I am able. Although Philip Webb is down there, it is mostly player officials or club officials who referee the games, so there may not be many contacts available to help us arrive and depart on time for out flights.

At work we heard that we will be rostered on to visit regional areas and Cairns. I think some careful planning will make those trips enjoyable as well. It will be like a little holiday for me to be out of the office, especially since my holidays are fully booked out for research and writing.



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