Monday with Air Conditioning

The air conditioning at work has been hampered by people trampling on the ducts in the ceiling while installing computer cables. Today the air conditioning man returned and managed to set up half of the rooms in the office with proper vents and diffusers and real air conditioning. It was awesome!

I had forgotten what it is like to work in a properly air conditioned office where the air circulates and cold air comes in. It has been a few years since I worked in such circumstances. It certainly makes it easier to focus on my work and everyone seems to be much more relaxed and able to work diligently when the air conditioning is up and running properly.

This morning I emailed my supervisor to let him know what is happening with work and my plans to write papers and update the thesis in my holidays which start early in December. I will have to start before that and have some online study to tackle with gusto as well. The only way to survive will be to schedule 1 ½ – 2 hours writing a day with at least an hour of walking or other exercise, and lots of water to drink.

Andrea, Cara and Eli all sent me text messages at the same time this evening. I am rescheduling PT for Thursday due to the holiday on Friday. The others were about work things. This is G20 week, so everything is quieter in the city and people are heading out of the city for the long weekend to leave space for the international visitors and security arrangements. The drive home from work today was much quieter than usual.


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