Sunday and the Lateran Basilica

Today we had the feast day of the Lateran Basilica, which is the church in Rome where the Pope is. Joe did the slides and asked me to go up five minutes before Mass to talk about Sister Pauline Smoothy, who is visiting our parish in December on two Wednesday nights to talk about the Gospel of Mark. We normally have choir practice on Wednesdays, so I hope we will change the date so as to avoid distracting the people who attend Sister Pauline’s talks.

On the way back from the pulpit, the sole of my shoe started to work its way loose. By the end of Mass it was separated except for some cotton wool-like material in the middle. I went up to communion bare foot. Shoes have a way of embarrassing me like that. It has happened at work a while ago now that one shoe disintegrated while I was wearing it. I have to remember to take thongs with me in the car as a back-up for occasions such as these.

Even though Joe prepared the slides, we still have problems coordinating them. There are so many changes along the way that it is difficult to keep up. Marietta looked sideways at me for the first Communion Hymn when it wasn’t even on the slides. There is not much I can do to fix that, but there must be a way to prevent it happening again.

Kathy told me a bit about the chemotherapy that she is soon starting. She seems quite calm and accepting, but it must be a difficult thing to face. I think it was Louis who told me that she was ill and it has only been a recent diagnosis from what I gather.

Even though Father mentions it at times, it is difficult not to talk amongst ourselves at Mass, particularly at the Music Ministry. We tend to catch up and sometimes speak in more than a whisper. There is a hearing loop in the church for people with hearing aids, so they are probably up to date on all the gossip from the musicians and choristers. Sometimes we leave the microphones on, so even more people probably pick up on our news. Perhaps we need some bar-b-ques or coffee meetings to catch up outside of church times.


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