Saturday Last Day of the Regular Season

This weekend was the final game of the gridiron season in Queensland with Semi-finals and Finals coming up. I had games at Kingston at 2pm and 4pm. The road to Kingston Aquatic Centre is very winding and difficult to follow. I was glad to arrive in plenty of time for the Colts game. There were lots of people swimming, some very excited children going to the pool, and not a great deal of car parking space. I wonder where all the players parked.

The field had a fantastic cool breeze, as did the club house, so it was very pleasant out in the fresh air and sunshine for the games. A musician was playing on an electric keyboard in the club room and later in the day there were sounds of dance music that sounded like Islander singing, maybe Papua New Guinean or something like that. With the breeze there was some dust later in the game, but fortunately I was on the other side of the field for most of it so the afternoon and early evening worked out quite well for me.

I have been taking my Gatorade and PowerAde bottles from earlier in the season and filling them with cold water and half a teaspoon of powdered Gatorade that I bought from Coles a few weeks ago. I use that for gym as well. Half a teaspoon is enough to flavour the water but not make it too sweet. I try to drink one bottle a game and also one for training. I also take an apple with me for between games.

In the first game a player yelled out for the “Holy Grail”. It was meant to be “Hail Mary”, but never mind. I thought that was quite interesting. I had one game where the coach seemed to be in my armpit for some of the time. I’m not sure how I came up with that expression, but it did feel a bit like that at times.

I was home by about 7:30 pm as there was only one senior game at the grounds. It is quite unusual to be back so early for me. There was salmon and chips, waiting for me in the microwave and a salad with whole cherry tomatoes to add after reheating the rest of my dinner.


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