Rostered Half Day Off

Friday morning I was up early and caught the train to the city which is preparing to lock-down some streets for the G20 Summit next weekend. It was a leisurely ride in, although the train itself appeared a bit grubby, as though none of the seats had been cleaned since they were new. At the intersection of Adelaide and Edward Streets, a young Chinese couple asked for directions to Central station. That was easy as it was straight up the road.

My breakfast meeting “Take 1 Step” was at the Mercure Hotel, so I walked in and found the tables set up outside the rooms. As there was half an hour to go, I went to a coffee shop with a nautical theme very close to the hotel. I had a small cappuccino and chocolate muffin while reading “The Australian” newspaper. That whiled away half an hour so I walked next door to the Mercure and collected my name tag. I was surprised to find that a hot breakfast was being served and lots of people were already lined up at the Bain Marie’s.

I had small servings of scrambled egg, chipolata breakfast sausage, bacon, hash brown and tomato. Then I poured some orange juice and made my way back to the table. Everyone was settling in to a brilliant breakfast. It all felt very G20 even though that is a week away. My fellow diners were David from CCIQ Customer Service, Joanne from Medicare ( local at Capalaba and her two colleagues, a lade from Padua or a similar catholic college and another lady who might have had something to do with medical supplies.

Jeff Kennett, CEO of beyondblue was the keynote speaker. Another three speakers and Rebecca Pennington form 612 4QR were presenting. We were given a kit with brochures, booklets, a pen and a wristlet band. It was a great session. Afterwards I wrote a summary and circulated it by email to all staff with links to key resources.

In the afternoon it was my rostered half-day off. I had a professional development activity with the Queensland Guidance and School Counsellors Association. It was Professor Mark Watson from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa on career psychology. The talk was really useful for me. I enjoyed it immensely and talked with Suzanne Wright a careers counsellor at Grace Lutheran College who works with Sharyn O’Connor a previous career counsellor and teacher at Southern Cross Catholic College when I taught there in 2011.

To make it to the talk in time, I had to catch up on a few things. These were renewing my driving licence, window shopping at Myer Chermside Shopping Centre, having coffee at The Gallery outside David Jones and reading some magazines at Chermside Library. I also walked through Woolworths at Nundah and sat drawing up weekly schedules outside Centro on Sandgate Road while waiting for 5 pm to come around.

It was a great day with lots of variety and I ticked off the things I needed to do. Myer has a great Christmas gift section so I hope to go there with Mum when I am on holidays next month. It is starting to feel like holiday time, even though there are about six weeks to go.




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