Thursday Change of Focus

Today I am changing my focus from ongoing work to strategic planning, including next year. While there is a lot of ongoing work to do, there are a lot of changes on the way. Mostly, there is my annual leave coming up in December and some visits off-campus to regional areas. I am thinking that my PT sessions might be awkward to arrange, so I will need to let my trainer know about the schedule going forwards.

When I came home early on Wednesday, Max made a long welcome sound, like he was longing for a walk since I came home an hour early while it was still light. He normally sits by the door waiting for a pat from me as I return home at the end of the day. For a couple of weeks I have been meaning to fit in a walk with Max, so I am keen to be more organised to make it happen soon.

In the late afternoon, three storm cells moved up the South East Queensland coastal areas with one being more dangerous and heading out to sea by the Gold Coast. For some reason, everyone at work was full of excitement and chatter. Something is in the air but I know not what.


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