Melbourne Cup Day Fascinators

It was dress up day at work for the Melbourne cup. Josh even wore his suit and kept checking it in the bathroom mirror for reasons known only to himself. Andrea wore a dress with her leggings. Kylie was in apricot. Kelly was in black and white with a largish fascinator from the shop down stairs. Kendra had big red roses on a black and white pattern in her dress. Even Merrilee had a sparkle or two in her black top which she wore with 7/8 pants. Liddy also had 7/8 black pants and a black rose at the back of her hair. We had great fun. My fascinator was from across the road and was mainly blue. It was runner-up in the Best Fascinator draw!

Everyone started to feel excited as lunch time drew near. There was very loud chatter and a few phone calls, all at the same time. I helped to cut up the chicken from Woolies. There was also a large platter with very nice things, like lettuce and cucumber, beer sticks, cheese, ham and quarters of a couple of chickens. We had bread rolls, humus dip, cheese and chives and pine nut with basil dip. There was also lemonade, fruit juice, coca cola and a bottle of champers.

We watched the race with astonishment as Protectionist raced out to win by 3 lengths and Admire Rakti dropped behind. Junoob was my pick in the sweeps. It was $2.00 well spent as that was my entire budget for the cup betting. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event immensely and we had a few photos and selfies with the bright colours of fascinators and race dresses.


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