Driving to PT

This morning I drove to PT at my usual early time. Eli messaged me about calling him but I was on the road and my phone was tucked away in my bag. I had the windows down in my car and was drying my hair in the cool morning air. It is almost as good as driving in the sunshine with the car windows down and a great breeze going through the car. It’s almost like a sports car, but with way more comfort and the roof to keep the sun off.

On arriving at the gym, I saw Eli’s message asking me to call him at 5:35 am. There was no signal in the car park, so I grabbed my bags and called him from street level to leave a message. I thought he might not be there, so I kept my phone with me and went to warm up. In two minutes, Eli appeared. Apparently he had one hour’s sleep and had a bad reaction to some Mexican food he ate the night before. I suggested an alternative session, like nutrition or planning my cardio, but he insisted on a work out. He knows that I have ways and ways of getting out of workouts.

So that went well. It was a legs day. I was introduced to the “torture” machine for single leg hamstring curls. Anyway, after all that, having a shower and getting ready to dry my hair, I realised my dress was still in the car. So I put on my sweat shirt and wrapped a towel around my stockinged legs and asked the lass at reception what I could do. She found someone to stand in at reception and went down with my key to retrieve my dress. It worked! Great!

After all the kerfuffle, I changed, dried my hair, found some coins in my bag and came back to the coffee shop to read the paper and have a nice coffee. That settled me down for the rest of the day. Around 9 am I went for some stationery as I needed a small spiral bound notebook and some mechanical pencils. The cheap shop also had a small blue fascinator for Melbourne Cup, which I also bought. Andrea and Jenelle thought it suited me really well.

Eli is the best. He changes my workout days to suit my schedule. This Friday I have a meeting in town so we changed to today. I’ll have to tell him again on Wednesday how much I appreciate that.


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