Sunday Recreation

This morning there was a minor hiccough with the slides at Mass, due to the feast day being different from the one I had listed in a couple of the slides. Father John helped to sort it out in a couple of minutes after I arrived at 8:30 am for a 9 am start. There were some hidden slides that I need to sort out later, as well.

I went through the slides for next week in the afternoon, although it takes four days before the song selection will come through. After trying to apply a slightly more uniform approach to the font and setting out, I emailed it around the group of presenters and Alex so that they might be able to make use of it for their respective masses. It was a great relief having the songs that Marjorie prepared for this weekend.

As the weekend paper had tips for the Melbourne cup, I looked at the favourites. My picks were Admire Rakti, Red Cadeaux, Lucia Valentina and Signoff. We will be having a sweeps at the office, and Kylie has offered to place some bets on Tuesday morning at the “Prince of Wales” hotel two blocks from work. My budget is usually about $2.00 for Melbourne Cup, but it is great fun to watch the race for a couple of minutes each year.


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