Rostered on for Saturday

This weekend I was rostered on at work from 9 am to 1 pm. I was up early as usual and around 5:30 am realised that I had to prepare for a morning at my desk instead of tidying up around the house. That more or less set me in action, as I sorted out my day and ironed my football uniform.

Parking was interesting as the lady from one of the clothing and gift shops waved me in to my parking spot to help me fit in next to a driveway and another car. That was lovely of her. She must know I work nearby, as we often visit those shops and I walk past most days during my lunch hour when I go out for a short walk around the block to stretch my legs.

I had some headphones that Mum picked up at a garage sale and tried those with my phone today. They seemed to work well, as they are light weight, have both ears padded and allow sounds from the area through quite easily without disturbing the person to whom you are speaking. I think they are a very old version of internet and telephone headsets, but they do the job.

As I had some pasta with tomato sauce at work, I was ready to drive home, pack my football bag and head straight off to Maroochydore for the afternoon game. The drive was clear and it was beautiful out on the field with lots of breeze and warm but comfortable weather. I caught up with Julian, Pat, Jo, Alex, Luke and some others. Robbie wasn’t there because Tony must have been at the other venue. Luke had his tutu on for the previous game as coach, but did not wear it to officiate in our game. Apparently it was a combination of Halloween and second last game of the season that was the excuse for a bit of fun. Some of the female players also had their tutus and worked the chains in the men’s game looking like Hawaiian warriors with the down markers and their layers of tulle over their uniforms.

I was home before Mum and Dad went to bed for a change on a Saturday night. There was a “Dawn of the Age of Dinosaurs” program with the cartoon movie from Ice Age on the television. I watched some of it and recorded the rest to watch later. Then I had an early Saturday night and slept very well.


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