Wednesday at Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIQ)

This morning I had a business breakfast workshop at 7:00 am on Wickham Terrace at the CCIQ. Before that I went to gym half an hour early to do my work out with Eli. We did legs in the big gym downstairs. He managed to put in a lot of dynamic stretching and I hardly had to stretch afterwards, giving me time to shower and head off to the breakfast.

I arrived a little late, but had emailed yesterday to say I would be late. The session was on a Digital Marketing strategy with Simon Dell from Twocents Group. It was a great session, packed full of information and ideas. As I had paid ahead for my parking spot, I had to dash away at the end to get to work at a reasonable hour.

At work we had a birthday morning tea for Danny. I bought humus and a cheese and chives dip at Woolworths on the way. Kelly, Miyhun and Liddy loved the cheese and my dip. Danny had a card and we also had a chocolate cake for him.

After early PT and a great PD session, my day was disrupted but in a nice way. I decided to have an early night instead of attending choir practice, as I have had a couple of really busy weeks and weekends. Tomorrow I want to shoot videos with Miyhun so I need a good night’s sleep.


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