Monday Thunderstorms Looming

It was a 38 Celsius day today, although at work it did not seem too hot. I went outside around 2pm and in the shade and breeze under the trees on the corner opposite work it was fairly pleasant. I remembered that training on Wednesday morning will clash with the breakfast I am going to in the city and stepped outside to message my trainer.

Dad called Uncle Eric, who is celebrating his 89th birthday today in England. Although he is in general good spirits, his health is not the best as he has had a slow type of cancer that is being treated but is progressing through his body. It is amazing to think that Dad and Uncle Eric can speak to each other as they do but it must be sad for Dad that he can’t just hop on a plane to visit Uncle Eric.

Max is sitting close to the back door because the thunder is rolling around our way. It is raining a little on the tin roof of the chicken hut, my favourite sound. We let him in to the laundry when the thunder is louder, as it helps him to feel safe when he is in the house. Normally he is always outside, in the shed or following Dad around.

I like to be tucked up in bed when there is a storm at night as I feel safe and secure indoors and the sound of the rain is somehow comforting when it is outside and I am indoors.


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