Saturday at Kippa

In the morning I managed to do the floors, some washing and general tidying up in record time. I also washed my hair and put a masque on the hair to protect it so that I can straighten it tomorrow when it is well and truly dry and protected.

Tim decided to sort out the football association account again, so we arranged to be at the Enquiry desk at the bank on Saturday morning, first thing. There was a line up outside, but no sign of Tim at the time we agreed to be there. It gave me time to duck in to Coles, as they had a special of 30% off ladies tops. Then I returned to the bank to join the queue. When the doors were released I went in and sat at the desk while the teller who offered to help me moved to the next person for a lengthy consultation.

Eventually Tim arrived and we waited another twenty minutes for the teller to be free to help us. It was apparently a technical matter that confuses staff as much as customers. Apparently Tim called the form he received by the name of another form, which made it more complicated. So now that has been sorted out and I hope there won’t be other issues for quite a while.

I checked out a couple of people’s profiles on the internet being my PT, Eli, and someone launching a new fitness monitoring device. The internet gives us many good reasons to present a professional image, with a lot of scope for improvement, I think.

The rest of the day I blitzed a paper on which I was working, although there is a ways to go yet. There is a conference on Adult and Vocational Education coming up that I would like to attend to present a paper. Hopefully this one will be at a high enough standard. Although I feel that my research skills are improving, I can see that it takes a lot of dedication and ongoing work to hone those skills. If only I could apply myself to resistance training in the same way, I would be staving off the effects of all that sedentary research.



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