Cantoring 2

Today was my second episode of Cantoring for the 9 am Mass. Joe arrived from Mary Queen of Peace 7:30 am Mass and offered to help. After graciously ceding Cantoring responsibilities to him, he demurred time and time again, so I was actually IT. Things were not too bad, as it turned out. The slides worked fine. I just missed a bridge after the second verse of one Hymn.

Priscilla, Len and Louis also arrived, so we had quite a substantial group. The microphones were turned down a bit, too, which also helped as we blended in with the congregation more. Dom gave his report on the Youth Connect Mass with the Archbishop presiding. That was yesterday. Apparently it went well, but Dom seemed a bit subdued. He was probably tired after organising a large group of children for a large part of the afternoon and early evening.

At home I managed to write and research my way to a substantial paper. I will check the conference requirements for the VET conference and see whether it will be suitable. At least it will give me practice at submitting a paper for consideration.

I had hoped to upload an assessment for my language, literacy and numeracy subject, but ran out of time. In the afternoon, I helped Mum with grocery shopping, so at least I was out and about a bit today. I will be able to change the online assessment to Tuesday instead of Monday due to catching up with the one I didn’t upload today.


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