Thursday with Hair Loose

Normally, a ponytail suits me when I head off to work or the gym. Today I washed my hair in the morning and dried it with a little bit of gel and let it stay loose. It worked out fine, but felt a bit odd combing my hair at regular intervals to keep it neat. Apart from that I noticed that people tend to confide in me more when I have my hair loose. I have no idea why.

Mum searched everywhere for her Shepherd’s Pie recipe today and finally remembered it is in my Grade 8 Cookery Notepad. Mrs Handy’s recipe has been a favourite in our family ever since I learned to make it in Home Economics at school. We don’t use the Junket recipe much, or the apricot jam one, but the others are sometimes useful.

Our High School reunion is on Saturday night, but I have a very busy weekend ahead, so I doubt that I will go. On Sunday there is open day at the school itself from 10 am to 2 pm, so some of my friends are going to look around it as well as going to the Saturday night event. Apparently there will be a big marque tent on the Dolphin oval for the occasion. The Primary School has a similar event coming up in about a year. It might be the centenary celebration or 50 years. I joined an email list and expect to hear as it draws closer.


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