This morning I met Eli at the gym for PT again. I was in a mad rush today for some reason. Everything seemed scattered, including my thoughts. Perhaps I was put out by only having two sessions in a week instead of three. I certainly benefitted from three sessions last week, after only one the week before. Eli seemed a bit teary. I’m not sure what the reason was. He mentioned something about going to the movies to see “Dracula”.

Anyway, after a great workout I went to purchase a copy of “The Australian” newspaper to see what was written about the passing of our 21st Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. There was quite a lot in the paper. I sat on a bench waiting for work to open up reading the obituary. Just then, I heard country music and a melodious male voice singing. It came nearer. On looking up I saw a mobility scooter with a singer sitting on it and a sign saying “Low vision busker”.

The man on his scooter continued up the street, across the road at the pedestrian crossing and stationed himself outside the “Coffee Club” on the footpath where the school girls cross to go up to Mary Mackillop College, and the State Primary school children go across with the mothers. He was there an hour or so later when I went to purchase mini muffins for Jenelle, one of Andrea’s students.

So it turned out to be a busy day. Tonight is choir practice at the church. The song choices for Sunday arrived today so I will be preparing the slides for Sunday Mass soon.



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