Tuesday with Tired Peoples

My colleagues at work have been feeling tired lately. I know how they feel as I had two early nights on the weekend, being Friday and Sunday, to recover from my busy week last week. Lena came by in the late afternoon and although she looked fine, was also tired from work.

I heard the news about Gough Whitlam passing, just as Princess Anne arrived in Brisbane and the Palace announced that the second child of her nephew would be born in April 2015. Princess Anne commented on the floods and drought that our State has experienced these last few years. Even Winterton-on-Sea where an Aunt and Uncle live, was affected by very high waters and the flooding around Norwich in England a few months ago, but that was mainly high seas and coastal towns that were hit.

This morning I saw numerous emails from my lecturer and fellow students that have been piling up in my inbox these last few days. They were all very professional and encouraging. I love my studies this Semester and they help tremendously with my thesis and research in general. I am so grateful to have access to this kind of professional development related to teaching and education in general.


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