Monday with Fruit and a Walk

At 3:30 am I awoke to the sound of birds outside. I had an early night on Sunday and was ready to get out of bed, so I took my coffee and a cup with some oats and milk in to the living room. While watching some gridiron on the sports show, I checked emails. Marjorie had written a very long email expressing her dismay at the trials and tribulations of preparing PowerPoints for Mass. She is not in the music ministry and finds it difficult. I found it a little odd that we should be looking at the negative side of things, instead of doing our best and finding solutions.

I wrote to Marjorie suggesting we maybe get together for coffee. She already has Theresa lined up for coffee, so perhaps all three of us can meet and discuss how to work best with the PowerPoint slides and music selection for Mass. I think having a coffee support group is a great way to manage these minor issues.

At work we had a fruit box for staff. It started today and we hope to keep it going to help everyone to eat a piece of fruit a day. Around midday I went out for a walk around the block to soak up a little sunshine and get my legs moving a bit. It makes the day much more pleasant when I take a short walk to break up the monotony of sitting at a desk and walking slowly around the rooms.

Today I started my blog on Educational philosophy with a reading of some of the works of Michel Foucault. My interests are inclusive education and vocational education; particularly for students with language, literacy and numeracy support needs. Schools are hugely interested in this area, as many students are driven to start work as soon as possible with a good foundation of training from school and the workplace.


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