Sunday and Moon Boots

The last thing I expected when I arrived at Mass for Music Ministry was to see someone in a moon boot with crutches. Kathy Johnsun, my colleague and office-buddy at work and now Mark’s daughter all have moon boots and crutches. Apparently, Olivia stepped the wrong way on her father’s foot when the family was out walking. As a result, she broke her ankle and tore several ligaments. It seems very similar to what happened to my colleague from a simple, everyday activity. How odd.

Apart from the surprise of seeing Olivia injured, and the slide projector control needing new batteries, things went well with Louis, Kathy, Fred, Jean, Mark and me all leading the hymns. Father Izz mentioned something about 5pm Mass slides and judging by the roster that Kate sent out today, there is a gap with Cantoring and perhaps with the slides at that mass at present. I will have to check with Alex about this as the “Catholic Leader” and the Archbishop will all be there for the launch of Youth Connect next Saturday at the church and parish hall.

I was up at 4:30 am today, so by lunch time I actually had a rest on my bed for an hour or two. Although I don’t like to work on a Sunday apart from tidying up, I managed to iron a couple of blouses for Monday, sort out some washing from Saturday at football and start to plan my week. I have a lot of writing to do this week.


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