Saturday from Home

Today I had a fairly early start for a non-work day, as I was up at around 5:30 am. I read some of the weekend paper, vacuumed the floors and washed them, cleaned around the house, did some washing and folding and had some coffee and oats for breakfast.

Around mid-morning I prepared the slides for Sunday Mass and sent them to the office and the Assistant Pastor in the parish. It took a while to put them together due the some difficult concepts in the readings for Sunday, but finally I checked everything and sent it off in a respectable state.

Football was up at Maroochydore, about an hour’s drive from home. I arrived in good time, as the others were just leaving the field from the previous games. We had two games and I was home around 10:45 pm. It was fish and chips with peas for dinner. Our chips are dry-fried in a teaspoon of oil in a special fryer, so we like to think that they are reasonably healthy because Dad loves chips for dinner.

I watched some of “Terminator III” on the television while having dinner. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a cyborg preventing a computer take-over with concomitant destruction of humanity. Computers had learned to regard themselves, and that apparently meant they wanted to dominate the world and eliminate humans. I can see why Arnie is quite a star because the cyborg part was very impressive.


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