Tuesday Business Breakfast

This morning I had to be in the CBD yet again for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Breakfast in Wickham Terrace. The presentation went for two hours and was by Simon Dell of TwoCents media management. His talk was on google docs and was really interesting.

I walked up from Central train station, having driven in to work and parked near the local station. There was time to ask for business cards, chat to a couple of ladies from Capalaba and grab a piece of water melon and half a breakfast muffin with egg and bacon on it.

Simon worked very hard to put together his slides and we got to about 72 of the 104 or so that he has in his deck. He shared the most interesting and relevant tips and tricks that he obviously is using right now. I was very pleased and very glad to have attended.

Renu called me when I was in the train coming in to work. She did not remember that I was at CCIQ in the boardroom from 7 am to 9 am and wondered why I wasn’t at work. Apparently she called home as well. Mum knew that I was in town for the business breakfast.

It is Kelly’s 21st birthday today, so we had a morning tea with chocolate cake. How wicked to be eating chocolate cake the day before our wellness assessments! Andrea was in at work with her moon boot on her foot. It was the usual bustling kind of work day.

After work I went to see Kim, who has cemented her fish pond and is waiting for more rainwater to fill it up. She has been reading at Mass once every few weeks and has been widowed for about a year now, I think.


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