Monday in the CBD

On Friday I heard that I would be going to training in the CBD as someone had cancelled and a place became vacant. Eli also scheduled a PT session for today and gave me Friday off while he negotiated his contract at the gym. So I was up at 4:30 am again, having some oats and milk in a cup and coffee. I caught some early morning news, dressed, packed my bags and headed to the gym.

Just on 6:15 am I arrived but had to do a quick warm up. Eli took me downstairs to the big gym instead of the functional training area. It was a back day, seeing as I have three sessions this week to make up for no Friday last week. I did like the exercises and am feeling a bit more confident all up. Somehow I managed to lose my small yellow microfiber towel in the rush out the door when I was showered and dressed. Apart from that gym went really well. I loved my session.

The train station is a block away from the gym, so I caught the train in and arrived outside Viva College to find Merrilee sitting on the bench out front waiting. After waiting for a goodly interval we went up to the training room just as a couple of others were making their way up the escalator. Irana was our instructor from ACEP. I think she works for Mr Wed. She is a really good instructor and we learned a lot about ACSfW and a few other things. Now we can help to train out work place as well.

I was home at the usual time with a stop off to purchase petrol. It has been a big day. Tomorrow I have a business breakfast and I return to the CBD for 7 am.


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