Sunday and Cantoring

This morning I dashed out the door with my hymn books and Sunday missal only to remember that my USB with the power point slides was still at home. I set up everything, including the computer, my water bottle and microphone and left a note for Kate at the organ. Then I went back home to collect the USB. In the meantime, Father Isidore got the slides as I had sent them on Friday, added his Homily and the Crimmond for the Psalm and I needn’t have worried.

When it came to the Psalm, I had no words in front of me. Fortunately Fiona and Sean arrived with baby Roisin. Priscilla, Louis and Kevin were also there. Louis was flicker person and the congregation sang the words to the Psalm so I just stood in front of the microphone and sang at the lectern. I ducked away after that but Kate said I had to go up for the Alleluia verse coming up soon.

The Alleluia verse went well enough, considering I needed a sip of water between gigs. I sort of croak when my throat is too dry. Anyway the croak was minor and after the last note, so it wasn’t really noticed much. In a couple of weeks Kate and I do it all again. Next week it is Fred and Jean with Theresa and I just have the slides to do.

There were freshly baked scones with jam and cream for breakfast, also coffee. That sustained me throughout the afternoon and I started a new blog addendum on Foucault. Surprisingly, there is a body of research from my undergraduate teachers and related people on Foucault. I even found Ian Hunter on English teaching in schools. How bizarre! It even relates to my thesis topic….

Anyway, my blog addendum is “…wish a side of Foucault”. I put a quick survey on the page as I am using it for my current studies and it will help to guide my professional direction in teaching. It’s quite interesting, much to my surprise.


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