Saturday Big Tidy Up

“For those who believe,
no proof is necessary,

For those who don’t believe,
no proof is possible.”

John & Lyn St Clair Thomas
Eyes of the Beholder


Today I had a big tidy up to change my writing desk and shelves around and sort out my ‘works in progress’ files. I have just as many technology things, like DVDs and CDs, as current books. My shelves were mainly temporary holding bays and there is a challenge there to sort these a bit better

Mum was not happy with the reddish tone in her hair colour, so we found an ash brown colour in a light shade of brown for her. When we applied it this morning, it took to her original colour really well. This makes her a lot happier. Having the wrong hair colour can be super annoying.

By the afternoon, I had been munching on popcorn and working out what to have for lunch to sustain me through my evening football game. Then I felt quite sick and was not really up to refereeing, so I sent texts to Gary, Tony and Julian to let them know. It is a pity, because the field is quite close to my place and it would not have been a huge night of football for me. I had to resign myself to continuing with my tidying up and made a lot of progress on that front.

At night I listened to BBC radio news. I really appreciate the media analysis and communication that is disseminated on topics that are very politically sensitive. I think a world wide effort makes it much more relevant and clear for people to understand issues that are really important for national, religious and philosophical identity.


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