Thursday Video Star

I was up at 11:30 pm until 2:30 am doing some research on the internet. It’s easier to do it out the front of the house because my parents sleep in the room next to mine and I disturb them a little less that way. I went back to bed for three hours and spent some time preparing for the video shoot. Mainly I was straightening my hair and trying to dress in an interesting outfit. As it turned out, plain business style would have been better.

Miyhun brought her camera in to the studio at 9 am and we were filming until 2 pm with breaks for water and tea in between. I felt more confident as we went but will have to rethink business wear for next time. Apparently sleek hair counts in the world of business videos, so I am going to be working on treatments and ways to look after my hair to be video-ready. We are only half-way through the videos. Next week they will be doing the editing. The week after we finish off, so I have time to practice and gather my thoughts.

It is close to holiday time already, when I will be writing papers and tidying up for the year ahead. I can’t believe how quickly time has rushed by as my job is very interesting and I am starting to get into my routine at the gym with packing a bag and all the things I need for work. Friday I have a break but the following week my trainer starts his contract at the gym so he is fitting me in for Monday, Wednesday and Friday to make up for missing this Friday.

I really need to finish my assignment tomorrow and on the weekend as it is due in a week.


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