Friday Belated Long Weekend

As I worked last Saturday and have been up to Kingaroy and Gympie recently for work, I had enough time with rostered time off to take my day off today. What a blessing it is to have a complete change from the work routine! I started to pack some files in archive boxes and moved them from my crowded room to the sewing room.

My car was treated to a wash. I cleaned the basics in the house, did some washing, and helped Mum with the grocery shopping. She was happy to have someone do all the heavy lifting and packing away. I finished the slides for Sunday mass and sent them to Diane and Fr Isidore. Our regular parish priest is on holidays for three weeks so the assistant pastor has stepped up.

My first assessment came back today and there is a lot of feedback on it which will be really helpful. Although my grade is a high pass, I will probably have to be very scholarly in my last paper to secure my grade in this unit. It is a pleasure studying this unit, but the entire course is changing next year, so I will have to remain alert as to the offerings for continuing. Hopefully I can obtain credit transfer from other units and only have a limited number of units remaining.


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