Wednesday Social

At gym this morning Eli told me that he has only a couple of days on this week as he is signing a contract for his PT business at the gym. This means that my plans to have Friday off are working out, as I won’t be doing training at the gym. I can work on my 2,500 word paper instead.

Miyhun and I filmed three short video trials for three units today. We took a couple of hours in setting up the room and adjusting the cameras. Next we need to do the sound I think I need a lavelier microphone. I’ll have a quick look in the morning to see whether my voice recorder will do the trick.

I made some calls today and in the afternoon we finished an hour early to meet across the road for orange juice and Italian finger food at the Royal Hotal. Some had wine or lemon, lime and bitters. Danny played Keno. We stayed until about 6:15 pm and then made our way home. Staying after work is probably a very Melbourne thing to do. The area is quite nice, though and going to gym after work is looking good.

We had chicken noodle soup or “stenchen suppe” for dinner – my favourite ever since I was little….


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