Tuesday not at Home

Although my day off had been approved, I decided to go in to work as both my bosses had said they would see me at work on Tuesday. Monday was a public holiday. Reluctantly, I headed off at 7:40 am and after a journey that took twice as long as usual, arrived just on 9 am. Great! I had a day making phone calls so it wasn’t too bad, actually.

Mum’s power board for her fan, lights, computer and speakers was swapped around on Sunday as we wanted to try an “eco” power board. I has a main plug and several peripheral plugs so that one thing can be left on all the time and the others can be on low power or no power. It did not work well, so today I swapped it back to the other one. She chatted on Skype with Onkel Arnold and Tante Inge and caught up on all their news today.

I wore my blue dress to work today and had a compliment from the boss. I am supposed to be making short videos with our graphic designer, and have not managed to fit in a time yet. I think that blue dress will work well when I finally sort out my schedule.

Kate emailed me asking for a hymn list for Sunday and also whether I could cantor. Well, yes, I did volunteer to be a back-up cantor so now is my chance. My hydration schedule is going to be on Saturday, though. I don’t think I can cantor if I am desperate to dash to the loo….


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