Monday Holiday

We had a public holiday today which was for Labour Day in some States and the Queen’s Birthday in others. I think ours was for Labour Day. In any case, we had beautiful weather. I inspected the front garden with Mum as she is planting flowers there.

A lot of my files have been put away, but there are still a lot to go. I am planning on moving them out of my room where I don’t have filing cabinets. It’s mostly course notes and things related to teaching. There were a couple of archive boxes flattened out on the veranda which I am using to relocate my files.

My paper on our favourite French philosopher is going well. I enjoy reading the research and was up at 1:30 am finding lots of things related to my other research on responsibility. Things have definitely turned the corner for that one. As a result, it seems, I am keen to do more walking during the day. I managed 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the vibration platform today.

As I was up so early, I managed to sleep in the afternoon for a couple of hours to catch up on my sleep for the day. The crazy thing is that I have a day off approved for Tuesday, but both the Business Manager and Campus Coordinator said they would see me at work on Tuesday, my day off!!! Oh joy. It’s off to work I go!


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