Sunday with Technophobic Tendencies

I was up at 4 am trying not to disturb my parents for 2-3 hours until they woke up. They usually go to bed around 7:30 pm and again sometime between 11 am and 2 pm. On the weekends, they like to be up around 6am to go to garage sales or the markets.

This morning felt like it went on forever. I managed to arrive early for Mass and was unsure why the Power Point slides were not on the computer for the projector. Fortunately, I carry the USB with me and put them up when they are not already there. I left the USB connector in the flicker and had to go down with it for rehearsing the Responsorial Psalm before mass. Somehow I managed to have the slide up for the first reading, which had a theme much like the Responsorial Psalm. It confused Fred, Jean and Therese no end. I don’t think the congregation noticed that a couple of extra words were added in.

My efforts at drinking lots of water before mass had the effect of making me want to dash to the ladies toilets at the end. About ten other ladies had the same idea and more were queuing up. I will have to start earlier and sort all that out sooner.

Mum made some delicious scones again for brunch. They had eaten earlier when I was at mass. Then the afternoon was spent tidying up her computer space which was a tangle of cables and dust. I plugged everything into an eco-power surge board and tried a few times to have the windows 7 operating system recognise a 2009 HP deskjet F2180, but it wouldn’t recognise the USB. Mum was in a state of panic because the printer, which she bought at a garage sale for $5, did not work. It only had black ink. She had tried to refill the other colours but only the blue seemed to work.

In between times, I did some washing and filed some papers, cleaned the floors and did some washing up. It is a very optimistic person who expects a six year old printer to work with a later generation operating system. We did try to set it up, but part of the problem was the old HP drivers on her computer from earlier attempts to install older model printers. I managed to updated Adobe Acrobat reader, install shockwave, uninstall the old version of iTunes, remove several old files and uninstall about twelve old printer files. Even after all that , the printer USB was still not recognised by the computer.


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