Saturday at Work

This morning I was rostered on at work and arrived early. We are updating the study room with built-in desks, so I had to tidy out my extras from the desk area. There were a few things like cup-of-soup packets for lunch that I took home as well. I even brought my cup and spoon home, so that it wasn’t broken by accident in the move.

My desk looked amazing without the usual clutter. I should tidy up every three months, I think. Now to do the same with my desk at home. If only it could all be packed away or moved on to people who appreciate the things I no longer use. That goes for T-shirts and things that I no longer need.

I straightened my hair today as I had started a bit at gym when the lady next to me at the make-up mirror invited me to try the straightener because everyone uses them nowadays and she didn’t have them when she was younger. It actually improved my hairstyle 80% that day, so I remembered to do it properly this weekend.

Although it is a long weekend and we have Monday off, both the boss and my supervisor said “See you Tuesday” when they left for the weekend. I tried to fit in a comment to say I had a day off, but they were gone. So I guess my new desk might be ready and I will be setting things up on Tuesday instead of working at home. Great!


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