Friday before a long weekend

This morning it was a beautiful day and I was up early. Before I knew it I was on my way to the gym after saying “Hello” to Dot next door as she took her little dog for a morning walk. I had time for my warm up and sat watching some of the aerobics class before Eli materialised in the middle of some gym guys who were lining up to use the scales for body weight checks – gains in weight, no doubt.

I enjoyed training and found it difficult to do upper body stretches. When the muscles are so tiny on me, it seems a bit silly to spend forever stretching after a workout. Merrilee had given me her key on Thursday, so I let myself in to the office early after gym and did a bit of sorting out and setting up.

On the way home I returned a printer from the Gympie office and received a refund for work. Cutting across three busy lanes in peak hour worked quite well, as most drivers were very polite on the road. Tomorrow I am going in again for work. If only I could make time for the sauna or just to visit the gym as well or alternatively to drop in at the shops nearby.


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