Wednesday Quiet Day

This morning I had to fill up with petrol on the way to work. Even so, I managed to arrive at the gym close to the start of my PT session with time for a quick warm up. Eli was recovering from a weekend bout of food poisoning. He was only just starting to feel better. Apparently it was the sushi he had for lunch on Friday.

That did not mean that my workout was any easier. I worked hard and decided that my deadlifting technique needs improvement. During the weekend I had managed to practice a plank on my toes in a set of 3 x 25 second holds. It was not very spectacular, but still was quite an achievement for me.

After training I went to the Coffee Club for a coffee and because I am a member I had one to take away for the price of one all up. I read the newspaper while sipping on my cappuccino and then met Danny and Merrilee across the street from work. Merrilee gave me the key, which helped to let me in, but I ended up spilling my coffee while trying to open the lock on the first gate.

What a humorous start to my day! Tales of food poisoning and spilled coffee are the stuff that keep me going! I tidied up a lot and will be taking a few things home, as the streamlined look will be my theme for Spring, instead of homely clutter. My desk at work is starting to look a lot better. Now to sort out my room at home!


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