Tuesday in Brisbane

My trip back from Gympie was fairly quick, although I left the office just after 4:30 pm having carried the broken printer back to the car. I had an early night ready for Tuesday. All went well until I was ready to drive down the road to work. Although my work clothes were ironed and ready to go, and I made a sandwich in plenty of time, I still forgot the vital touch of mascara, lip gloss and SPF 15 foundation. Oh well, every now and then it doesn’t hurt to be myself a work.

Early in the morning, while having some oats with milk in a cup and a cappuccino, I messaged Kathy Johnsun about her torn Achilles tendon. She soon replied with an outline of her exercise program for rehab. It is much the same as the one for a foot fracture for a diabetic person. I had actually come up with the same type of program last week when talking to a colleague.

The day was a rush, though, with a few things to do like sort out receipts for my travel and catch up on emails and phone calls. A frantic call from a student at the last minute meant I was 15 minutes late out the door, but it doesn’t make much difference to the ride home. One day I will be going to gym after work, missing the traffic and getting a great workout to keep me fit.

Meanwhile, I am glad to be back in the city. Tomorrow I have PT. Awesome!


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