Gympie Monday

It was light early this morning so by 6:15 am when I drove up to Gympie, the road was clear and the sun was filtering through the trees. The round trip is about 300 kms and I had a fairly clear drive up the road ahead of me.

The two main stop offs are easier to recognise as I drive up to them now, so one day I will actually stop for a coffee or to walk around for five minutes. I can also find the turn-off for my street easily, although there is a loop under the bridge that is accessed from the left for a right turn. That’s another thing I will have to look up on the map before I try it out.

My main job was to bring back the printer which needs to be exchanged as it is not reliable. I also put up four pictures and three decorative mirrors with deep box frames. The curtains are the right width for the windows and have 25 pleats each, so I will just find some hooks and dowling rods with brackets to that they can hang in the bay windows.

Apart from leaving a matching container of milk in the top compartment of the fridge, I think I covered most of what was meant to be done. Hopefully someone will bring back my little container with or without sour milk in it if I remind them before the next visit.


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