Sundays are Lovely

This morning I had a cup of coffee and some oats while watching sport on the television while Mum and Dad were having a sleep-in, and later they were having their morning cup of tea. Mum wanted her hair coloured in the morning. We just managed to get it sorted out before I left for Music Ministry.

Quite a lot of people turned up for the choir this morning. Joe and Marietta were there, with Louis, Kevin, Priscilla, Kate and Mark. A couple of other people joined us at various times. Cathy does both choir and is a Minister of Communion, whereas Kevin does either one or the other.

The slides were completed in a hurry on Saturday morning, but were quite OK. Joe is going to look for some pictures to add to his slides, as he even noticed the ones that I had in the presentation. I looked up the responsorial psalms and other resources and found some good online things that might help with the music ministry.

This afternoon I washed the curtains to take up to Gympie office. They need some hooks, rings, dowling rods and brackets to actually fit them to the windows, but hopefully that can be sorted out before too long. They are packed in my car, ready to go.


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