Saturday Meeting and Sport

There was plenty of time this morning to tidy the house, attend a meeting and get ready for refereeing in the afternoon. The venue for football was twenty minutes’ drive away. It makes it so much easier than travelling almost two hours to a game and back again. That particular field has swarms of mosquitoes at sunset and thunderstorms after dark, or it seems to whenever I am there. This time I took insect repellent. The home team had some to share with officials and others.

I had two sets of slides to prepare this week, as Belinda is away. This I managed in the morning, but did not have time to check them through. Joe has started cataloguing his slides so that he can reuse them. That is a great idea, as it will save a lot of work in the long term. I think that cutting and pasting slides should be something that can be done easily with LaTex, and will look into that when I get a chance. I have to learn how to use LaTex first.

I look forward to going to Gympie on Monday. There are pictures to take up and I plan to rearrange the desks so that reception is not facing the galvanised roof opposite. It might take a while, but hopefully it will be better, even if I just draw a floor plan and leave it to other people to move things around.


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