Thursday Visitors

Today we had important visitors from the Head Office in Melbourne. We stayed for a while at the end of the day and chatted with one of them while the other must have come and left much earlier. We should have all gone out for a meal at the end of the day, but instead I signed off and went home while a couple of the others stayed in the office.

I had to stay well behaved for two days in a row, and in business attire, as we did not know until the end of the second day who and when would be dropping by. Actually, having afternoon tea set out in the boardroom was a bit of a give-away from around 3:00 pm onwards.

My drive home after leaving work at 5:45 pm was quite smooth compared to the crush that comes just on 5:15 pm after I walk to the car and join the stream of traffic heading towards home. Thursday night is also a good night to invite students for training, although starting at 5 pm and calling it an evening training is a better idea.



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